Friday, September 18, 2020

Altar of Eden (2010) by James Rollins, Somewhat Review

Altar of Eden (2010) by James Czajkowski a.k.a. James Rollins

 Rollins is one of my favorite novelists. He is brilliant! The Order of Sanguines Series, a trilogy, his collaboration with Rebecca Cantrell, and SIGMA Force Series, are among my top three novel series.  In the past, whenever I feel like I want to read fiction, I used to entertain myself with Nicolas Sparks’ heart-melting romanticism (author of A Walk to Remember) and Arthur Conan Doyle’s mystery genius (author of Sherlock Holmes Series). But as my interests grow wider, I stick with Rollins. His ability to mixing cutting-edge science and theories, advanced technology, and ancient history, romance, and action, is one of the kinds. He is very good with frictional stories like Eminem in the rap industry. “His books have everything…” one of the praises says, “Yet it works, because Rollins is a master of controlled chaos.” I couldn’t agree more.

Altar of Eden, a stand-alone novel, is a good read. Probably because the characters are new and fresh to me (I mean, different from SIGMA Force Series characters) and the story includes something that I’ve done some personal research about. Not much, but at least I can keep up with the basic arguments. Without going into spoiler alert, I must say, if you have pondered about our scientific discoveries and technologies of the 21st century and the mystery of our DNA – or the creation, in general – you’ll be thrill by this novel. Plus, most of the facts that go into his book(s) are true. At the end of every novel, he will outline “Author’s Note to Readers: Truth or Fiction.” Of course, the characters, conclusions, and implications are made-up. It doesn’t claim “historical accuracy” like Dan Brown does to The Da Vinci Code.

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