Saturday, October 17, 2020

Introducing Jesus: A Graphic Guide (2012) by Anthony O’Hear & Judy Groves, Book Review


Introducing Jesus: A Graphic Guide (2012) by Anthony O’Hear & Judy Groves

The illustrations are amazing, the writing is simple, but the contents are a bit misguiding. I acknowledge that this is NOT a Christian book and so it is not fair for me to make a bias conclusion. For sure, this book is interesting, but I would not refer to anyone who wanted to know more about Jesus or Christianity to this book. There are some books about Jesus by non-Christians (in fact, by those who are a little more critical) that are better such as Reza Aslan or Bart Ehrman. I think the author is very ambitious by trying to cover so many heavy topics like philosophy, theology, and teleology over a couple of pages. Too many interpretations, too little of what the main sources really say about the most influential Man on earth. I understand that this book is meant to be an introduction or overview, but I think it can be more useful if the author (actually, the publisher) can focus on some key points about the historical Jesus especially in the New Testament.

I have nothing much to say 😅 I’m not sure either I’m disappointed or glad that I’ve finished it – knowing that at least I’ve learned how others think of Jesus 🤓😉 #1Book1Week #LeadersAreReaders #LetsMakeReadingCoolAgain #SecularJesus

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