Saturday, October 17, 2020

The Decision: Overcoming Today's BS for Tomorrow's Success (2020, Audible Original) by Kevin Hart, Book Review


The Decision: Overcoming Today's BS for Tomorrow's Success
(2020, Audible Original) by Kevin Hart

I usually don’t write a review about audiobook but this time (or from now on) - I will. I just want to get this out: Kevin Hart is seriously funny! Funnily serious! Seriously real! Sometimes ‘The Decision’ will require going past the edges of your comfort zone,” said Mr. Hart starting his audio Mental Fitness Bootcamp, “and the upper limits of your beliefs, and stepping into the unknown.” From there he breathes fire! I laughed with his jokes; I was impressed by his wits; I respect his honesty and vulnerability. For 5 hours 54 minutes, he bombarded my ears with his “gold-nugget-sh*t-of-truths.” Part self-help book, part autobiography, part stand-up routine, The Decision gives me a glimpse into the mind and attitude of one of the most hardworking men in the entertainment industry. He is an award-winning actor, comedian, producer, entrepreneur, and of course, writer.

What’s unique about audiobooks is that the narrator(s) can either bring out the best or make the book boring to listen to. For example, I love to read Stephen King’s books, but I don’t like it when he narrates it. Boring as hell. Kevin Hart? Superb! It’s like listening to his Netflix specials. Mind you, what he said is not that different from other self-help or personal development gurus (except for his own stories), it is the way he said it that shows to me that he really believes and means it. His positivity is contagious. What stuck with me are these themes: “What-Is-Ness” Deal with what-is, accept what you cannot change, and make the best of it; “Cowboying Up” It means taking ownership by not only taking responsibility for your words and actions, but everything in life; “Teddy Bearing” It is about being likable, personable, and pleasant; and “Sponginess” Readily soak up knowledge from people around you and those who are better at what you were trying to do.

I’m always a fan of Mr. Hart. I’ve watched lots of his movies (my favourites are Get Hard, Think Like A Man, and Wedding Ringer), all his stand-ups, and interviews especially with Joe Rogan (You got to listen or watch it!). It’s not that he is perfect - he was cheating his wife, that homophobic tweets issue, etc. - but because he owned up his mistakes, learned from them, and move forward. Proof? Listen to The Decision! ๐Ÿ˜‰⚡๐Ÿ“– #ServeToLead #LeadersAreReaders #LetsMakeReadingCoolAgain #1Book1Week #TheDecisionKevinHart #OvercomingBS

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