Sunday, December 20, 2020

Angelus' Quote: Is Growing Old Making Me Any Closer to Christ?


I'm finishing H.A. Ironside's commentary on the pastoral epistles. In it, he told a story of how as a boy he used to be amazed when he heard an old preacher say in public prayer, "O Lord, keep my eyes on the Lord Jesus. Don't let me become a wicked old man." He used to wonder why the old man prayed like that until he grows older himself, seeing first-hand how many people become wicked old men because they got their eyes off Christ.

"Oh, how many have fought a good fight for years and then in some way, even in old age when we think one should be free from temptations, they have been broken down, perhaps because of self-confidence!" writes H.A. Ironside. "They have gotten their eyes off the Lord. Some who made a good record for many years have had a dishonourable old age." As you age, are you getting closer to Christ? Are you only getting older or are you getting godlier? Are you fixing your eyes upon Him? ⚡💪🔥 #ServeToLead #GettingOldAndGrace #FinishingWell

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